Airsofter  Airsoft Crowd

Tazball are playing host to a monthly Airsoft session for any regular airsoft players looking for a home site to play regularly! We also offer rental equipment for players wanting to try airsoft, but don't have the gear to play.

2018 Airsoft Packs 


BBs -  Various brands, weights and prices available. Check on site.
Smoke Bombs + Flashbangs - £4.50 each OR 3 for £12 (Mix 'n' Match)
Snacks and Refreshments - Various Prices. Check on site.

 Airsofters  Airsoft Group


For a list of this year's skirmish dates, please checkout our Facebook events page. Click here!

Arrival time: 9am
Game start: 10am
Finish time: 4pm

 Tazball are fully-registered UKARA and BAC members!

 UKARA Emblem

BAC Banner

 If you wish to register as a UKARA player member, download this form and fill it in. After you have attended the required number of games, we will approve and stamp the form and you can post it to a UKARA-registered retailer. Simple! For more information, click here. 

Or for an even easier time, click here to access our online form, fill in all your details and then submit the form. No postage necessary!

If you wish to register as a BAC player member, click this link and register! After you have attended three games (and they have been confirmed by the sites you have attended), the BAC will add you!

Players who attend our skirmishes must read and sign our Rules & Regulations that can be found here. Give it a read, print it out, sign and date it, then hand it in at your next skirmish. ALL players, whether own-gunners or rentals, must do this before they are able to play at our site. This will be kept on file for any future attendances. Please re-check the rules for any future updates. Major updates to the Rules & Regs will require re-signing.

These are in place to help us free up time in the mornings of our skirmishes, rather than wasting an hour re-explaining the rules to everyone when we have new players. It is up to all players to read and understand these rules. Breaking of these rules cannot be swept away with a "I didn't know" if you have read and signed these rules. Thank you.

Note: Insurance waivers must be filled in and signed on your first attendance of Tazball, then handed in on arrival at our site. Under 18s must get a parent/guardian to fill in our consent form and it be handed in on the day. See our Downloads page. Any vouchers or other forms of special offer that you wish to use must also be presented on arrival. Your equipment must adhere to our site safety specifications.

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