Battle Archery

Battle Archer Battle Archery Gear Mobile Battle Archery

Go back to medieval times with the good old bow & arrow, and get the chance to do battle with your family, friends and co-workers! Whether that's on-site on our purpose built game fields, or making use of our mobile unit with inflatable barricades, become your own Robin Hood or William Tell!

 Target Archery

Stag Archer    Girl Archer

For those looking at a more mellow activity to try at Tazball, but just as competitive as paintball/lazer combat, why not give target archery a try?

  • Woodland based, target shooting.
  • Unlimited arrows.
  • All equipment supplied.
  • Group competitions.
  • Full training provided.


Girl Slingshotter  Ghillie Slingshotter

Looking for a little extra fun to add to your already awesome day? Then why not go for some old-school slingshots? This short add-on package can be enjoyed as an extra to ANY of our other available packages!


Note: Insurance waivers must be filled in and signed, then handed in on arrival at our site. Under 18s must get a parent/guardian to fill in our consent form and it be handed in on the day. See our Downloads page. Any vouchers or other forms of special offer that you wish to use must also be presented on arrival. We do our best to match up groups of similar age and ability, but may have to mix up groups of different ages.

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