Throwing Activities

Flying Angels Throwing Knife in Target Tomahawks Throwing Knives

Be the manliest man (or woman!) you can be and get back to your roots with our Cold Steel package! Tomahawks! Throwing knives! And our 'Flying Angels'! Everything the average frontiersman/woman needs to show their worth! And you'll not just be throwing knives into wood, we'll provide your party with set challenges and tasks to complete and prove which of you is the Top Frontiersman/Woman! Not only can you enjoy this as a standalone package, you can add it to any other of our available packages, and make your day out even more of an outdoor adventure! Minimum age: 16 years old.

 Note: Insurance waivers must be filled in and signed, then handed in on arrival at our site. Under 18s must get a parent/guardian to fill in our consent form and it be handed in on the day. See our Downloads page. Any vouchers or other forms of special offer that you wish to use must also be presented on arrival. We do our best to match up groups of similar age and ability, but may have to mix up groups of different ages.

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