Players who are 18 years old and above must fill in our Insurance Waiver. This waiver is then handed in at Reception before the player is able to take part in our activities. Under 18s must get a parent/guardian to print and fill in our consent form, which is then to be handed in at Reception on your booked date. Again, this must be handed in before the player can take part in activities. Please click the relevent link below to download a copy of our insurance waiver/consent form. Copies are available on-site, but we advise people to get theirs filled in and completed before the date, thus freeing up time in the morning.

If a player refuses to fill in the waiver, or is under 18 and does not have a filled and signed consent form from their parent or guardian, then they CANNOT take part in any activities. So please make sure all players attending are prepared with the paperwork they need!






Note: Insurance waivers must be filled in and signed, then handed in on arrival at our site. Under 18s must get a parent/guardian to fill in our consent form and it be handed in on the day. Any vouchers or other forms of special offer that you wish to use must also be presented on arrival. We do our best to match up groups of similar age and ability, but may have to mix up groups of different ages. You may make use of your own equipment for paintball and airsoft, but it must adhere to our site safety specifications.

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