Stag & Hen Parties
Whether you're a Stag or a Hen tying the knot, Tazball can cater to all, with several different activities to choose from. Paintball, Lazer Combat, Airsoft, Archery & Slingshots!

Before you tie the knot, go for the only other adrenaline rush you will ever experience. Paintball! Whichever package you choose, you'll be experiencing a morning of fast and furious paintballing with your mates, then in the afternoon we'll get you and your Best Man/Maid of Honour dressed up and out onto the fields for some stag/hen games. Every stag or hen will 100 FREE PAINTBALLS! It's probably a good idea to save these for the afternoon games!
Hen/Stag Hunt
We give the hen/stag 1 minute to hide themselves on their chosen field. Then we unleash the rest of the party to hunt them down...
The Taz Gauntlet
We position your party in a line along one side of our chosen field. Then let the hen/stag run the gauntlet with just a paintball marker and their threshold for pain!
Exactly what it says on the tin. Shoot anyone and everyone!
Stag & Best Man   Stag & Best Man   Afro Stag
For more information on our paintball packages, click here!

Lazer Combat
Are you looking to set up an awesome Hen/Stag party for yourself or a mate? Like the idea of paintballing but feel a wee bit delicate from the previous night's "festivities"? Going for something a little more laidback for the day? Then Lazer Combat could be perfect for you! It's not just for the kids!
And with our 'Veteran' package, you get two complementary pyros! So you'll still be able to cause some destruction!
Lazertaggers On Podracer   Lazertaggers On Hill   Stags & Hens Lazertagging
For more information on our lazer combat packages, click here! 

For the stag/hen who wants a little more gameplay and tactics, and a little less pain, airsoft makes for an amazing activity to get your mates into. With our rental package (only available for the third Sunday of every month), you'll be provided with all the equipment you need and plenty of BBs. You'll then join with a squad of our veterans and regular airsofters to take part in many objectives and missons across our site.
Note: Airsoft games rely on honesty between players to call themselves out when hit, as airsoft BBs don't leave marks like paintballs. If you're just looking at having a mess around with mates and shoot the hen/stag, then we recommend paintball for your group, instead!
Airsoft Sniper   Stag Party Airsofters
For more information on our monthly airsoft skirmish, click here!

 Archery & Slingshots
Battle Archer   Battle Archery Equipment
Brand new to Tazball! Battle Archery! Go back to medieval times with the good old bow & arrow, and get the chance to shoot your mates and the hen/stag with our special, padded arrows! Now you can REALLY hunt down the hen/stag the old-fashioned way! Or if you're all wanting something a little more laid back, but just as competitve, we provide packages for your normal archery target shooting. Aim for that high score and beat the rest of your party! And as an extra, Tazball can also provide slingshots to wind off your day, taking you back to your childhood of taking down those tin cans! 
Stag Archer   Battle Archers   Girl With Slingshot
For more information on our archery, Battle Archery and slingshots, click here!

Throwing Activities
Also new to Tazball, be the manliest man (or woman!) you can be and get back to your roots with our Cold Steel package! Tomahawks! Throwing knives! And our 'Flying Angels'! Everything the average frontiersman/woman needs to show their worth! And you'll not just be throwing knives into wood, we'll provide your party with set challenges and tasks to complete and prove which of you is the Top Frontiersman/woman! Not only can you enjoy this as a standalone package, you can add it to any other of our available packages, and make your hen/stag party even more of an outdoor adventure!
Note: Stags & Hens cannot be used for target practice!
Tomahawks  Throwing Knives  Flying Angels  Throwing Knife
For more information on our throwing activities, click here!


 Note: Insurance waivers must be filled in and signed, then handed in on arrival at our site. See our Downloads page. Any vouchers or other forms of special offer that you wish to use must also be presented on arrival. We do our best to match up groups of similar age and ability, but may have to mix up groups of different ages. Own equipment can be used for airsoft and paintball, but must adhere to our site safety specifications.

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