Game Maps

  ASPEN PRISON - A mid-sized area containing a large prison fort at one end. Plenty of barricades, trees and small buldings to hide behind.

        OBJECTIVE (ATTACKING TEAM) - Starting from Y-Block, try and attack the prison and steal the defending team's flag, returning it to Y-Block.
        OBJECTIVE (DEFENDING TEAM) - Protect the prison and the flag for the full game period, preventing the attackers from stealing it.

The Aspen Prison

 THE VILLAGEA small village containing 5 key buildings on a slope, making for interesting height advantages. Area 51, Area 52, Y-Block, The Church and The Armory

        OBJECTIVE - One team starts at Area 51, with the other team at Area 52. Both teams have a flag they must defend, whilst also attempting to capture the enemy's flag and returning it to base.

The Village

 KING OF THE HILLA round, mid-sized area with a small hill in the centre, on top of which there is a throne.

        OBJECTIVE - A flag is placed on the throne, which both teams must get onto to wave that flag for 10 seconds without getting shot, thus claiming the Hill!

King Of The Hill

  THE BUNKERA long, narrow field, at the top of which is a bunker building.

        OBJECTIVE (ATTACKING TEAM) - With unlimited respawns, attackers must push up the field to remove the hanging flag upon the bunker as quickly as possible.
        OBJECTIVE (DEFENDING TEAM) - With only 1 life, defenders must dig in at the bunker itself and defend the flag for as long as they possibly can.
        OVERALL - Both teams will have a chance to attack & defend, with the winning team being the team that removes the flag in the quickest time (max. 10 minutes). If no team removes the flag, it will be the team with the most players left alive on defence that will win.

The Bunker 

 THE MISSILE BASE - A heavily wooded, bottle-neck shaped area containing a number of missiles and maze-like barricades at the narrow end, and a graveyard at the wider end.

       OBJECTIVE (ATTACKING TEAM) - Push into the missile base from the graveyard and hang the flag on the final missile to win!
       OBJECTIVE (DEFENDING TEAM) - Protect the missile from the attackers for the full game!

The Missile Base


 TANK COMMAND - A large group of 'tanks' stranded on a road in a partially open area in the centre, with three, ominous looking artillery guns at one end and the Bunker at the other.

        OBJECTIVE (ARTILLERY TEAM) - A briefcase containing a radar tagger must be taken and placed amongst the tanks and kept there until the end of the game, helping the artillery guns to blow up the tanks.
        OBJECTIVE (TANK TEAM) - Documents containing artillery co-ordinates must be taken to the tanks and protected until end of game, helping the tanks locate the artillery and then destroy them.

Tank Command 

 BRIDGE TO FARROur famous bridge, home to many battles, giving perfect cover for storming over and defending.

        OBJECTIVE - Both teams start at opposite ends of the bridge with their own flag, with a "tank tooth" in the center. Whichever team has their flag hanging on the tooth at the end, wins the game

Bridge To Farr

 THE GLIDERA downed glider in an open area of woodland with very few barricades to make use of.

        OBJECTIVE (ATTACKING TEAM) - Attackers must push from their base, find their explosives case and then plant the bomb inside the cockpit of the glider to win.
        OBJECTIVE (DEFENDING TEAM) - Defenders must surround and protect their glider and prevent it's destruction.

 The Glider 

BOAT CROSSING - An abandoned boat which provides the only way to cross the river, aside the Bridge To Farr.

        OBJECTIVE - Both teams must work to capture the boat, keeping a live player in it until the end of the game.

The Boat Crossing

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